Tacoma Photographers Professional Community

This week PCPPA is pleased to feature James and Meng Burrill of Lil’ Angels Photography on the PCPPA member feature!

Lil’ Angels Photography
Email: Info@lilangelsportraits.com
Website: www.lilangelsportraits.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lilangelsphotography

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Please share a little about your business and what you photograph.
We specialize in Children’s Portraits
From Newborn to High School Senior as well as Family Portraits.

How did you start or find your passion in Photography?
It started in high school when I was on the yearbook committee and had my first camera running around the campus taking pictures for the yearbook.

Share your biggest lesson or a valuable tip about what you have learned through your career as a Professional Photographer?
Stay true to your art! If you have a style that pleases you and you get excited over the images you produce, you will start to get clients that share the same artistic vision and the work will come.

Who has been your biggest source of inspiration, or greatest resource for education in photography?
I had a photographer friend years ago that told me the importance of catching the subjects personality through their eyes. This has stuck with me over the years.

What makes your photography business different or unique in your specific niche?
We specialize in children’s photography as well as Preschool/ private school photography bringing a studio quality portrait on location.

What do you carry in your Camera bag? OR What is your go to Camera setup and why?
Nikon D3s
2-Nikon D2x’s
A ton of lenses but I use the 24-70 2.8 and the 70-200 2.8 the most. I love the glass on both of these lenses and they seem to cover the focal length that I need.

How would you describe your style or approach to your work as a photographer?
I like to interact with my clients I am a very outgoing person. I am dedicated and feel I should do everything possible to ensure that my client is happy with the product that they recieve.

What do you feel is the most important take away for your Clients from their photography experience?
That they had fun! Along with capturing their true personality. Capturing life’s moments that can be passed on for generations.